Kristie Davis

I have 21 years of experience working in the medical field, which includes oncology, primary care, and radiology. I have been with Duke Health for the past 7 years. I enjoy helping others, so working with PHMO will allow me to bridge the gap to help patients maintain healthy and safe lifestyles.

Christina Steward

I have 15 years with Duke. My passions are customer service—being that voice for individuals who do not know where to begin for help—helping our communities and employees to be enlightened with resources that will help with mind, body, and soul.

Clinton Fullwood

I have prior experience in the healthcare administrative world from working at UNC as an administrative specialist and a financial counselor. During this pandemic I’ve had the pleasure of gaining experience working in the ER while giving a helping hand to all the nurses, doctors and other staff that work so hard in the hospital day in and day out. 

Chanel Fuller

Previously, I gained copious amounts of experience in customer support in relation to healthcare. I have helped within a varied capacity, from individuals in Medicare and Medicaid to RNs accessing continuing education to renew their licenses. I also have a BS in Public Health Science, and I was always happy to help in any way I could. After making the transition to Duke Health, I’ve been overtly excited to really engage with patients to address barriers to care and overall be a part of the bigger picture for population health.

Laurie McClure

I have an extensive background in providing community resources for high-risk families. I also have experience with child protective services, housing insecurities, and health-related assistance with special attention to diversity and inclusion for marginalized populations.

Heather Mosley

I started my career at Duke in December 2017 as a patient service associate at the Duke Eye Center. Then in 2020, I became a financial care counselor, where I assisted patients with their financial benefits. I worked closely with insurance companies and our providers. I enjoy helping people in anything I do. I look forward to assisting our patients here at PHMO.

Crystal Deshazor

I have been a certified community health worker (CCHW) for over five years. I am also a former state ambassador of Virginia for the NCHWA and a former food pantry coordinator for a faith-based organization. 

Tequana R Alston

My name is Tequana, and I first gained entrance into the medical field in 2013 under the specialty of Optometry. I have had the opportunity to explore and gain knowledge as an Ophthalmic Technician and work other positions. However, I enjoy patient relations the most. I love being able to provide quality care and interacting with patients to find needed solutions. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting family, reading a good book, and being creative with anything involving the arts.